1. How can I play on online gambling sites ?
The first step you need to register by clicking the register button above or click menu list on the front page ..

2. What is the minimum deposit in ?
Minimal deposit in is IDR 25,000 ; MYR 10 ; USD 24.

3. How long does it take for my deposit confirmed ?
If the bank is online, the deposit can be processed as soon as possible , provided that you do the deposit correctly.

4. What is the right way to do a deposit confirmation ?
- Make sure your transfer destination account number is correct as stated in the deposit menu and always check first before making a transfer because we are replacing the transfer destination account number on a regular basis to avoid long queues.
- If you do not have a unique last name ( example name : andi ) , you are required to make a deposit with nominal unique and confidential to avoid errors process to deposit funds, for example, deposits with a nominal value of Rp 100.126,-
- Make a transfer before confirmation.

5. Can the deposit combined from several times a transfer , or can I transfer many times before making a deposit confirmation ?
You can transfer many times with different or the same amount. But when making a deposit confirmation you can not combine more than one fund at a time , you must confirm these funds one by one.

6. Why do sometimes my withdrawal process take so long ?
All the withdrawal queues are processed based on the time of confirmation . At busy times or just an online bank back , withdraw queue can be so many that the process takes longer.

7. Why confirmed withdraw cant't be cancel ?
Because many cases of players password known to others . To minimize the risk of theft chip , we enforce the policy.

8. Why do sometimes my memo not answered ?
There are lots of memo we receive simultaneously and takes the time to understand the questions and complaints , then answered one by one . For reasons of efficiency , we will not respond memos are questions that are not related to the technical game , a question that is rude and attack.

9. If you are disconnected in the game, what condition my coin will be replaced / not replaced ?
We will be responsible if the damage is on the server side when all players experience down / disconnected . We are not responsible for losses incurred due to network or internet connection is lost amid player games.

10. How do I know the status of the bank online / offline ?
You can see the info bank on the front page . And we will also inform it via text goes on in the game and sent a memo to your bank when offline and back online.

11. Why data banks must be filled in correctly ? The possibility of what could happen in the future if I do not give the correct bank data?
We need accurate data in order to deposit and withdraw can be processed smoothly . If the data is not accurate , then the deposit will require a longer time and the possibility of withdrawal can not be processed until you provide the correct information.

12. When maintenance schedule and how I can know ? routine maintenance schedule is every Monday at 6 a.m. to 7:00 am, during the time the server will be off and we can not have access to the game , if not further notice , maintenence time remains on schedule is fixed every week.